NeuroloQi Acupuncture is open!

With new safety procedures to keep you healthy in the era of COVID-19.

What we're doing:

  • We are screening for symptoms of COVID before your appointment or before you enter the clinic.

  • We will take your temperature before you enter the clinic.

  • Our staff will wear masks, gloves and additional PPE when necessary.

  • We are using antiviral cleansers to clean each acupuncture treatment room after every treatment. 

  • We will transition to telehealth for initial visits.

  • We will decontaminate the clinic daily using a UV light. We will clean the common areas throughout the day with an antiviral cleanser. 

  • We got rid of fabric chairs and table coverings. The only surfaces available are surfaces that may be wiped down with antiviral cleansers. 

  • We also got rid of extra chairs in waiting areas as well as the magazines. 

  • We will expand our credit card processing capabilities so you can have touch free payments in the future. 

  • We will refuse care & clinic access to people who refuse to comply with our new safety protocols. 

What we ask of you:

  • We ask that you cancel your acupuncture appointment if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or are living with/ in contact with a person who is COVID-19 Positive. You may reschedule for 2 weeks after your recovery or contact. 

  • You may now wait in your car when you arrive. You will receive a call or text message. We will come to you to take your temperature and do a health screening if you have not already completed one yourself.

  • We require you wear a clean mask to the clinic and that you  keep it on til you leave our premises. Yes, even during your acupuncture treatment. 

  • Please arrive freshly showered and in laundered clothing to reduce the amount of germs you bring into the acupuncture clinic.

  • We ask that you keep coats and misc accessories in your car. 

  • You must sanitize your hands before entering the clinic. You may use the bathroom before your treatment or go directly to your treatment room. 

  • Friends and family are no longer permitted in the clinic with the exception of patients who are unable to advocate or ambulate for themselves. 

  • You can create a decontamination area in your own home! 

Conditions Treated by Acupuncture

Pain & Neurological
Back Pain
Neck and Shoulder Pain
Arthritis & Other Joint Pain
Numbness, Tingling & Nerve Pain
Generalized Pain / Fibromyalgia
Stroke Rehabilitation (XNKQ Technique)
Acid Reflux
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Chron's Disease
Addiction & Psychological
Smoking Cessation
& Other Addictions
Respiratory & Immunological
Auto-Immune Diseases
Asthma & COPD
Side effects of Chemotherapy,
Radiation and Surgery
Colds & Flus
Women's Health
Facial Rejuvenation
(With Organic Facial Option!)
Menopause & Hot flashes
Menstrual Cramps
Morning Sickness
Mood Swings
Breast Tenderness
PCOS, Endometriosis

Your Insurance May Cover Acupuncture!



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