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Facial Rejuvination 

Let's rewind the clock together by lifting and tightening the neck and decolletage and reducing wrinkles. Sessions include acupuncture and facial guasha. Facial cupping and estim are options for special events. 6 sessions are recommended to see a remarkable difference, most people are happy with their results by 12 visits. Maintenece treatmetns are recommended for lasting effect. 

*This service is contraindicated for certain individuals. Please contact the office for screening before you come in. 

*This service is only performed by Desiree Sale LAc. 


Moxibustion means heat therapy, but it is in reference to burning mugwort near the skin to treat digestive issues, joint pain, arthritis and menstrual pain. Moxa, as it is lovingly called, is good for sharp or stabbing pain and even immunity.  The heat of the moxa penetrates deep into muscles and joints more so than the heat of a heating pad or hot shower.

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